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We have gained knowledge and experience working on Sunseeker Yachts increasing efficient hull bottom cleaning services and performance. Using advanced hull cleaning tools lengthening the life of bottom paint and maximum fuel economy. Call Barnacle King to discuss a regularly scheduled hull cleaning service program on your vessel.

Passed from generation to generation, these are the most important skills required to make a Sunseeker. In an age of digital production and automated assembly, we stay committed to creating hand-built, hand-finished boats – for one simple reason. There is no better way to craft such an exceptional product. Just like our customers, every yacht is unique. Tastes may differ, layouts may change, finishes may alter. But one thing is constant. Our passion and commitment to give all our customers the opportunity to tailor and personalize elements within their yacht, whatever the size. For our larger yachts, (over 100ft) we offer a true Bespoke service. This offers something very special…a clean canvas. This blank sheet of paper enables you to create a yacht personalized in any way you wish. From floor plans to unique furnishings, your imagination and passion can be fully expressed. With some of Britain’s finest in-house interior designers at your side, you can choose materials, fabrics and finishes to reflect your unique desires and individuality. To give your Sunseeker something no-one else can. Your signature.

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