Frequently Asked Questions

1. What areas do Barnacle King's services cover?

Barnacle King services the South Florida region, specifically covering Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach County. From South Miami to Palm Beach, we ensure your yacht hulls are clean and well-maintained.

2. How do I schedule a hull cleaning or other services?

  • Phone: Call us at 954-952-9140 to speak directly with our scheduling coordinators.
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3. What types of boats or yachts do you service?

We service all types of vessels—ranging from personal watercraft and yacht tenders to sailboats, catamarans, motor yachts, and super yachts, and commercial vessels.

4. What cleaning methods do you use?

  1. Cavitation Cleaning:

    • Uses ultrasonic cavitation technology to effectively remove barnacles, algae, and other marine growth without damaging the hull. This method is eco-friendly and highly efficient.
  2. Diver Hand Cleaning:

    • Our highly-trained divers use specialized hand tools to clean hard-to-reach areas and ensure a thorough cleaning. This method is ideal for detailed and precise cleaning needs.

5. How often should I have my boat's hull cleaned?

Regular hull cleaning is essential for maintaining your boat's performance, fuel efficiency, and the longevity of its bottom paint. The recommended frequency for hull cleaning depends on several factors, including the type of vessel, usage patterns, and local water conditions. Here are some general guidelines:

  1. Monthly Cleaning:

    • For yachts and boats frequently used or kept in warm, nutrient-rich waters like those in South Florida, a monthly cleaning is ideal. This prevents significant marine growth and maintains optimal performance.
  2. Bi-Monthly Cleaning:

    • For vessels used less frequently or kept in waters with less marine growth, a bi-monthly cleaning schedule may be sufficient.

6. What are the benefits of regular hull cleaning?

Regular hull cleaning offers numerous benefits that enhance your vessel's performance, longevity, and overall value. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Improved Performance:

    • Removing marine growth such as barnacles and algae reduces drag, allowing your vessel to move more efficiently through the water. This leads to smoother sailing and better speed.
  2. Increased Fuel Efficiency:

    • A clean hull reduces resistance, meaning your boat requires less power to move at the same speed. This results in significant fuel savings over time.
  3. Extended Lifespan of Bottom Paint:

    • Regular cleaning prevents marine growth from penetrating and damaging the bottom paint. This extends the life of the paint and delays the need for expensive reapplications.
  4. Preventative Maintenance:

    • Routine hull cleaning allows for early detection of potential issues such as hull damage, corrosion, or the presence of invasive species. Addressing these problems early can prevent costly repairs and maintain the integrity of your vessel.
  5. Enhanced Safety:

    • A clean hull improves the maneuverability and stability of your boat, contributing to overall safety during operations.

7. Do you offer services other than hull cleaning?

Yes, in addition to hull cleaning, we also offer dock cleaning, seawall cleaning, floating dock cleaning, boat lift cleaning, dock ladder cleaning, and zinc replacement. Barnacle King offers a variety of services in addition to hull cleaning to ensure the optimal performance and maintenance of your vessel. Our comprehensive service offerings include:

  1. Propeller and Running Gear Maintenance:

    • Cleaning and polishing of propellers, shafts, and other running gear to enhance efficiency and reduce vibrations.
  2. Zinc Anode Replacement:

    • Inspecting and replacing zinc anodes to prevent galvanic corrosion and protect your vessel's metal components.
  3. Underwater Inspections:

    • Detailed inspections of the hull, running gear, and other underwater components, complete with reports and photos.
  4. Hull Surveys:

    • Conducting thorough hull surveys to assess the condition and identify any potential issues, providing you with a comprehensive report.
  5. Underwater Repairs:

    • Performing minor underwater repairs such as replacing damaged parts, securing loose components, and addressing any detected issues.

8. Are your divers certified, and is Barnacle King insured?

Yes, at Barnacle King, we prioritize safety, professionalism, and quality service.

  1. Certified Divers:

    • Our divers are highly trained and certified, ensuring they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to perform underwater maintenance and inspections safely and effectively. Their training includes comprehensive dive safety, underwater cleaning techniques, and customer service to provide the best experience for our clients.
  2. Insurance:

    • Barnacle King is fully insured, carrying both general liability insurance and US Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (USL&H) endorsements. This coverage ensures that both our team and your vessel are protected during service operations.

9. Do you provide any reports or updates after the cleaning service is completed?

Yes, Barnacle King provides detailed reports and updates after each cleaning service to ensure transparency and customer satisfaction. Our post-service reports include:

  1. Detailed Dive Reports:

    • These reports summarize the condition of your vessel’s hull and any notable observations made during the cleaning. They highlight areas that may need further attention or repairs.
  2. After Photos:

    • We include high-quality after photos taken by our divers using top-of-the-line underwater photo equipment. These photos show the cleaned hull and any specific areas of interest, providing visual confirmation of the service performed.
  3. Service Summary:

    • A comprehensive summary of the work completed, including the cleaning methods used and any additional services provided, such as zinc anode replacement or propeller maintenance.

These reports and photos are sent to you promptly after the service is completed, ensuring you are well-informed about the condition of your vessel and the work performed. This level of communication and transparency is part of our commitment to unparalleled reliability and customer satisfaction.

10. What is included in your zinc inspection and replacement service?

Our zinc inspection and replacement service is designed to protect your vessel from galvanic corrosion, which can damage metal components over time. Here's what is included in this service:

  1. Inspection:

    • Visual Examination: Our certified divers perform a thorough visual inspection of all zinc anodes on your vessel, including those on the hull, propellers, shafts, rudders, and trim tabs.
    • Wear Assessment: We assess the condition of each anode, checking for signs of excessive wear or corrosion. Anodes that are more than 50% consumed typically need replacement.
  2. Replacement:

    • Removal of Old Anodes: Any zinc anodes that are deemed insufficient or heavily worn are carefully removed.
    • Installation of New Anodes: We install new, high-quality zinc anodes that are appropriate for your vessel's specific needs. Proper installation ensures effective protection against galvanic corrosion.
    • Securing and Checking: After installation, we ensure all anodes are securely fastened and correctly positioned for optimal protection.
  3. Reporting:

    • Detailed Report: You receive a detailed report documenting the condition of the old anodes, the locations where new anodes were installed, and any observations made during the inspection.
    • After Photos: High-quality after photos are included to show the newly installed anodes and the areas they are protecting.
  4. Follow-Up:

    • Recommendations: Based on the inspection results, we provide recommendations for future maintenance and any additional services that might be needed to protect your vessel.

Regular zinc anode inspection and replacement are crucial for maintaining the integrity of your boat's metal components and preventing costly repairs. Our comprehensive service ensures your vessel remains well-protected and in optimal condition.

14. What safety measures do you take to ensure the quality of the cleaning?

At Barnacle King, we prioritize safety and quality in all our cleaning services. Here are the key safety measures and protocols we follow to ensure the highest standards of service:

  1. Certified and Trained Divers:

    • Our divers are highly trained and hold relevant certifications, ensuring they have the expertise to perform underwater cleaning tasks safely and effectively. Continuous training keeps them updated on the latest techniques and safety protocols.
  2. Use of Advanced Equipment:

    • We use state-of-the-art underwater cleaning equipment, including cavitation cleaning technology and high-quality hand tools. This equipment is regularly inspected and maintained to ensure optimal performance and safety.
  3. Comprehensive Safety Protocols:

    • Our team follows strict safety protocols, including pre-dive safety checks, communication procedures, and emergency response plans. These protocols are designed to minimize risks and ensure diver safety.
  4. Regular Equipment Inspections:

    • All diving and cleaning equipment undergoes regular inspections and maintenance to ensure they are in top condition. Any equipment found to be faulty or worn is immediately repaired or replaced.
  5. Detailed Dive Plans:

    • Before each job, a detailed dive plan is developed, outlining the specific tasks, safety measures, and emergency procedures. This ensures that every dive is conducted in a controlled and safe manner.
  6. Environmental Considerations:

    • We adhere to environmentally responsible practices to protect marine ecosystems. Our cleaning methods are designed to minimize environmental impact, and we avoid using harmful chemicals.
  7. Insurance Coverage:

    • Barnacle King is fully insured, including general liability and US Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (USL&H) endorsements. This provides additional protection for our team and clients in case of any unforeseen incidents.
  8. Continuous Monitoring and Reporting:

    • During cleaning operations, we continuously monitor conditions and progress to ensure safety and quality. Post-service reports and photos provide transparency and allow us to address any issues promptly.
  9. Customer Communication:

    • Clear and consistent communication with our clients ensures that they are informed about the progress and any findings during the cleaning process. This transparency helps in maintaining trust and satisfaction.
  10. Emergency Preparedness:

  • Our team is trained in emergency response and first aid, ensuring they are prepared to handle any situation that may arise during a dive.

15. Do you have a customer satisfaction guarantee or a refund policy?

Yes, Barnacle King is committed to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction with our services. We have a customer satisfaction guarantee and a clear refund policy in place to provide peace of mind and demonstrate our dedication to quality and reliability. Here are the details:

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

  1. Quality Assurance:

    • We guarantee the quality of our cleaning and maintenance services. Our certified divers and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that every job is performed to the highest standards.
  2. Detailed Reports and After Photos:

    • We provide comprehensive dive reports and high-quality after photos with each service. These documents give you a clear view of the work completed and any issues detected during the service.
  3. Clear Communication:

    • Our team maintains transparent and consistent communication with clients throughout the service process. We ensure you are informed about the progress and any findings or recommendations.
  4. Prompt Resolution of Issues:

    • If you are not satisfied with the service provided, we encourage you to contact us within 48 hours of service completion. We are committed to addressing any concerns promptly and finding a satisfactory resolution.


If you have more questions, please feel free to call, text, or e-mail us at any time!