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About Barnacle King: The Reigning Monarch of Hull Cleaning in South Florida

Welcome to Barnacle King, your dependable ally for pristine yacht care and waterfront maintenance. Fully Licensed & Insured to meet all marina and condo association requirements, we are the trusted choice for comprehensive marine services. Our core mission revolves around delivering unfailing, top-quality service with an emphasis on clear communication and customer satisfaction. Founded in February 2019, we have swiftly ascended to the throne as South Florida's preeminent diving service, catering to yachting enthusiasts, yacht captains, and condominium associations across Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm Beach counties.

Meet Richard, the Man Behind the Crown

Our founder, Richard, discovered his passion for underwater realms while attending the University of Miami. Earning his SSI Advanced Open Water certification in 2011, he delved into the art of underwater photography and fine art printmaking. Richard graduated with a Bachelor's in Fine Art Underwater Photography and amassed an impressive 300+ dive log. Armed with this rich background, he set forth to blend artistry with industry, launching a career that combines his love for the marine world with e-commerce know-how.

What Sets Us Apart

Barnacle King isn't your average hull cleaning service. What elevates us above the competition is our commitment to punctuality and professionalism. From the moment you book a service, expect text notifications updating you on our arrival, service commencement, and job completion. We provide comprehensive dive reports and seamless online billing, all geared toward your convenience.

Our Expert Services

We are more than just hull cleaners; we're your comprehensive yacht and waterfront property caretakers. Our services encompass:

With a well-equipped, highly trained team, we bring expertise and the best tools in the marine industry to every job. Trust us to extend the life of your bottom paint, enhance your yacht's performance, and curtail fuel consumption.

Our Commitment to You 

We take pride in building enduring relationships with our customers, ensuring we meet your expectations with every service. Our goal is to make every experience with Barnacle King a royal one.

Join us in our reign over barnacles and marine grime; let Barnacle King make your yacht or waterfront property the crown jewel it deserves to be.


Marine Industries Association of South Florida (MIASF)

Young Professionals In Yachting (YPY)



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Cover Photo By: Guillaume Plisson