Midnight Express PowerBoats

We have gained knowledge and experience working on Midnight Express Powerboats increasing efficient hull bottom cleaning services and performance. Using advanced hull cleaning tools lengthening the life of bottom paint and maximum fuel economy. Call Barnacle King to discuss a regularly scheduled hull cleaning service program on your vessel.

Midnight Express is a family owned and operated business located in Miami, Florida.We build luxurious performance powerboats. Our factory is capable of customizing our boats from 34’ to 60’ to suit your every need and desire.
Midnight Express uses the most advanced construction techniques, combined with the newest technology available to create the boat of your dreams. Midnight Express has a simple mission statement; to build the best quality, highest performing powerboats utilizing cutting-edge technology combined with ground breaking design. We use the highest quality materials available to create your dream boat. During the build process you will work hand in hand with one of the owners and have full access to the factory.

- Midnight Express