Barnacle King Boat Bottom Hull Cleaning Information

We provide Boat Bottom Cleaning in Miami-Dade, Broward, and West Palm counties.

Barnacle King and our dive team have been offering a number of boat hull cleaning diving services to South Florida's boating community from West Palm to South Miami providing a reliable and professional bottom cleaning dive business. Entrusted by our well trained team equipped with the best tools in the industry.

Boat bottoms need to be scheduled & cleaned more often to avoid excessive marine growth and increase the boat’s performance. South Florida is a breeding ground for underwater hull growth. A cleaning schedule of every four weeks is recommended for most vessels.  We provide our underwater maintenance program to the needs of each individual boat hull. The condition of the anti-fouling paint is also a major factor in cleaning frequency.


If a vessel does not have bottom paint and is kept in the water, the barnacles and oysters that accumulates on a boat bottom with poor or no anti-fouling paint happens in a very short amount if time. This cleaning requires scraping and cavitation cleaning to be removed. The boat’s performance is compromised due to heavy fouling of the hull, propellers & engine water intakes; causing overheating engines, slower speed & poor fuel economy. Boats kept in the water with no anti-fouling paint must be cleaned every two weeks or more.


Barnacle King takes pride in offering the local boating community a hardworking & trustworthy service provider. We strive to fulfill that commitment to our customers on every service.


Hull Cleaning Service includes multi-point underwater inspection of the boat bottom, hull cleaning from the waterline to the bottom of the keel, props, shafts, running gear, trim-tabs, transom, and anywhere else a Barnacle can find its way onto. Along with zinc anode replacement when needed. Each hull cleaning service come along with a dive report of hull condition, bottom paint condition, zinc life percentage, running gear condition, and any other findings.

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